‘Insane rightwing misogynist? I’m none of those things!’ Steven Moffat on Doctor Who, his Baftas and his critics – The Guardian | FreniWorld

Steven Moffat is flouncing down Piccadilly. “I’ve got seven Baftas,” he snarls as we walk through the rain. We have just been refused admission to the sumptuous Bafta restaurant in the West End of London, where Moffat had a lunch date, before which we were planning to do the interview. Moffat didn’t shout: “Don’t you … Read more

Kleine Frauen (2022), Staffel 1, Folge 6, Zusammenfassung – dynamische Änderung – Ready Steady Cut | FreniWorld

Zusammenfassung Ein exzellenter Teil, der sich methodisch zu einem schockierenden, dynamisch wechselnden Ende aufbaut. Diese Zusammenfassung der Netflix K-Drama-Serie Little Women (2022), Staffel 1, Folge 6, enthält Spoiler. Hauptsächlich, Kleine Frau Folge sechs war eine ähnliche Angelegenheit wie die vorangegangene. Es gab Momente von subtiler Intensität, Familienkonflikten und detaillierter Charakter- und Handlungsentwicklung, die die Dinge … Read more

Taxing Mechanical Engineers and Subsidizing Drama Majors – Marginal REVOLUTION – Marginal Revolution | FreniWorld

In The Student Loan Giveaway is Much Bigger Than You Think, I argued that the Biden student loan plan would encourage students to take on more debt and schools to increase tuition, with most of the increased costs passed on to taxpayers would through generous income-related repayment plans. Adam Looney takes over at Brookings a … Read more

Theater Review: Park Square’s ‘The Humans’ puts reality in the eye of the beholder – St. Paul Pioneer Press | FreniWorld

Museum-goers know that realism and abstract art require very different interpretive muscles. With a realistic work of art, you may know exactly what you are looking at while admiring the way the artist conveyed it. If it’s abstract, you can respond with the emotion or ideas it inspires. Some art, however, manages to be both, … Read more

Looking back at Bloodlands series two – James Nesbitt’s meaningful looks are laughable – The Guardian | FreniWorld

IIf all crime dramas need a distinctive gimmick to lure players in, Bloodlands (BBC One) – which is back for a second series – arrived with three last year. James Nesbitt has long been part of that elite group of television actors whose casting is a selling point in itself. The show’s setting, Northern Ireland, … Read more

Works & Process at the Guggenheim Announces The Covid-19 Variations: A Piano Drama Presents with The New Group September 25, 2022 at 7:30 p.m. – City Life Org | FreniWorld

Works & Process at the Guggenheim announces the US premiere of The Covid-19 Variations: A Piano Drama, including a discussion of the creative process with director Alison Jackson, composer Richard Thomas and pianist Philip Edward Fisher. Tickets available now at www.worksandprocess.org. The Covid-19 Variations: A Piano Drama Presented with The New Group Sunday, September 25, … Read more

Steven Spielberg’s The Fabelmans wins the People’s Choice Award at the Toronto International Film Festival – Variety | FreniWorld

Steven Spielberg’s coming-of-age autobiographical story The Fabelmans won the Toronto International Film Festival’s People’s Choice Award, giving the awards season a big boost. TIFF’s People’s Choice Award is one of the most reliable predictors of eventual Oscar success. In recent years, winners such as Green Book and Nomadland have won Best Picture at the Academy … Read more

How a ‘semantically flawed’ producer drives change in a boys’ romance drama – Forbes | FreniWorld

Park Seo-ham and Park Jae-chan star in Semantic Error. AXLE CCP SJ “Sinxity” Shin knows firsthand the power of entertainment to create positive change. For 10 years, the CEO of AXIS CCP worked as creative director at YG Entertainment, the launch pad for major K-pop acts such as BigBang, BlackPink, 2NE1, Winner and Ikon. During … Read more