Novel TEER Repair Device Meets Primary Endpoint in Treatment of Degenerative Mitral Regurgitation – Medical Xpress | FreniWorld

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain The results of the first randomized controlled trial directly comparing two modern transcatheter edge-to-edge (TEER) repair devices for degenerative mitral regurgitation (DMR) found that the PASCAL transcatheter valve repair system was non-inferior to MitraClip in patients with significant symptomatology was DMR not eligible for mitral valve surgery. The results of the … Read more

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month 2022 With These Books By Latinx Authors – Oprah Mag | FreniWorld

Oprah daily In 1982, when I was a student taking a course on early American literature, the professor, a famous scholar of Whitman and Emerson, proclaimed during his first lecture: “By the middle of the next century, American literature will be dominated by masters with last names like Álvarez, García, and Díaz.” At the time—when … Read more

Chicago’s Headwinds: City Talk – City Journal | FreniWorld

William Vogeli is editor-in-chief of Claremont Review of Books and the author of Never Enough: America’s Boundless Welfare State and The Compassion Party: A common-spirited diatribe against liberal compassion. He spoke to city ​​newspaper co-editor Daniel Kennel about Chicago and the decline of the cities. Can you tell us about your personal history with Chicago … Read more

Book Review: The Devourer Below: An Arkham Horror Novel Edited by Charlotte Llewelyn-Wells – The Cosmic Circus | FreniWorld

Share this: The devourer below is the second book in the Arkham Horror Series of Aconyte books. I reviewed the first The Wrath of N’Kaiand was totally excited. I was expecting the series to continue the story of the last book so I was surprised to see that The devourer below was an anthology. Also, … Read more

Filmmaker Tara Stillions Whitehead is unsolicited releasing a prosaic screenplay hybrid with feminist PNW publishers – EIN News | FreniWorld

THE YEAR OF THE MONSTER explores American culture as a commodity and comorbidity. Tara Stillion’s Whitehead’s “Year of the Monster” is a must read! Stillions Whitehead writes in beautiful, razor-sharp language about the enduring darkness overshadowed by the glamor of Hollywood. ” —Tommy Dean PORTLAND, OREGON, Sept. 19, 2022 / — “The Year of the … Read more

Novel carrier doping in p-type semiconductors improves photovoltaic device performance by increasing hole concentration – | FreniWorld

Graphic summary. Photo credit: Tokyo Tech Perovskite solar cells have been the subject of much research as the next generation of photovoltaic devices. However, there are still many challenges to be overcome for practical application. One of these concerns the hole transport layer (p-type semiconductor) in photovoltaic cells, which transports holes generated by light to … Read more